Embracing Responsible Consumption with CforGood

Consumers have become increasingly conscious of the impact their purchasing power has on both society and the environment. Indeed, the allure of positive consumption, where companies and customers alike promote and encourage ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible practices, has been steadily on the rise. CforGood, a French innovation, is at the forefront of this movement – making it easier for individuals to support associations and access local deals.

Discover a City with a Difference

At the heart of the CforGood card and the accompanying application is a dual emphasis on discovering one’s city differently and socially responsible consumption. As a member of CforGood, one is introduced to over 180 partners, ranging from responsible traders to committed associations, and even local events, either in one’s home town or other partner cities.

This approach allows users to engage with businesses and initiatives that align with their values, creating a community of consumers and retailers dedicated to having a positive impact on society.

Benefitting from Local Good Deals

Coupled with its strong stance on social responsibility, CforGood also offers tangible benefits to its users in the form of local deals. Over 200 responsible tips are available to members, simply by showing their CforGood card at participating businesses.

These offers range from a 50% discount to test the dry sauna at Naturôme or a free cookie at Earth Label. This feature not only rewards consumers for making ethical choices but also encourages partnership with, and patronage of, responsible businesses, creating an economic incentive for sustainable practices.

Support an Association that Resonates

Consumer empowerment doesn’t stop at the checkout. Members can support the association of their choice with part of their CforGood registration fee. In fact, up to 85% of the fee is donated to help create a more sustainable society.

From Keep A Breast France, who raise awareness about lifestyle and environmental impacts on health, to Surfrider’s work protecting our oceans and coastlines, and MakeSense’s support for social entrepreneurs, the choice is in your hands.

Experiencing Embedded Generosity

The unique proposition of CforGood is its embedded generosity where it marries consumption with social compassion. What’s striking is that a sizable 85% of the participation fee goes directly to the association of a member’s choice, making it an act of kindness towards both society and the environment, in addition to promoting responsible consumption.

Testimonials Speak Louder

Satisfied customer Alice, a member for a year, sums up the appeal: “With CforGood, I freely support the association that is close to my heart and this also allows me to benefit from good deals from responsible retailers! Finally, a good way to help and consume intelligently.”

Are You a Trader or an Association?

CforGood has not overlooked traders and associations. Traders have the opportunity to inspire solidarity while optimizing their activity. Moreover, associations can engage their donors in innovative ways. This reach expands just beyond the individual consumer, making it a communal effort towards ethical consumption and social responsibility.

Join the Social Responsibility Movement

CforGood personifies the synergy that can exist between consumers and businesses when they collaborate towards a common all-inclusive goal. By melding ethical consumption with direct action to support associations working towards societal good, CforGood is creating not only a responsible consumption movement but a community striving to make positive impacts where they truly matter.